Energy Storage

Energy storage is the key to green energy – and to smart energy as well. With batteries that are able to store large quantities of surplus energy, you can light entire cityscapes at night, as we helped do in Saudi Arabia with sun-powered streetlights.

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Tracking devices promise to put an end to man’s eternal search – for car keys, wallets, bikes, hospital beds and the flight path of exotic birds, among other things. But even the best tracking device is only as good as its battery. And that’s where we like to come in.


From a technical perspective, military is the ultimate test of a battery. This is where they are required to work in extremes, whether it’s arctic cold, desert heat, deep below sea level or at supersonic altitudes. We’re proud to say that our batteries pass the test and provide safety in times of need.

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Intelligent Batteries

Batteries are tricky things. They look the same fully charged or empty, new or old, and – much like human beings – they don’t all age at the same pace. Up until recently, this left you more or less at the mercy of your battery. But intelligent batteries are able to tell you how they’re doing, and to make sure they can keep doing it without interruption. Neat, huh?

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Prototype Design

For obvious reasons, we can’t say much about the prototypes we’ve worked on. What we can say is that it feels great to be given near-impossible requirements – and then meeting them. At Scansupply that’s our idea of fun.

Standby Power

You don’t have to be an air traffic controller or a brain surgeon to understand the need for uninterrupted power supply. All you have to be is human. But being human, you also know that the world is not a perfect place. Accidents do happen. That’s why we develop batteries for standby power. So you can stay on even if the rest of the world goes off.

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