At Scansupply we develop and design batteries. From the smallest power cells keeping pacemakers – and human beings – alive to the big boxes that store the energy generated by windmills, our batteries come in all shapes and sizes, and for all purposes.

We also distribute some of the world’s most powerful batteries, and we have access to factories across the globe.

We run our business with the utmost respect for our clients. Batteries are at the heart of modern technology, and many of the designs we’re asked to power are prototypes requiring absolute confidentiality. We understand that. Perhaps that’s why clients come to us from all over the world, and from many different fields, including medical, marine, military, intelligence services and civil electronics.

We’re pleased to say that many of our clients prefer to include us in the development process, drawing on our experience when designing new and groundbreaking products. And we’ll be happy to supply power to your idea too.